Vivo’s Very Vibrant Day in January 2022

[Members’ Exclusive] Enjoy 50% off on selected items on every Wednesday!

Mark your calendar for the upcoming V-Day!
Valid at 19 & 26 January 2022 (every Wednesday)

Check out V-Day menus at https://vivopizza.com/v-day/

Treat yourself with a vivolicious meal on every Wednesday. Vivo Pizza Live With Passion

Make your day awesome with our S’awesome Chicken Pizza

The pizza is topped with crispy chicken tenderloin, cherry tomatoes, green coral, homemade sweet and spicy sauce to satisfy your taste buds!

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Feel the passion erupt when you bite into our panini

Homemade Italian bread loaded with layers of red and green corals, sliced tomatoes and mayo, fillings of your choice and tasty sauce . Panini always is your best and healthy choice!

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Come and dine in now!

Vivo Pizza Live With Passion