A&W Limited Time Offer

A&W has just launched an exciting menu for Ramadan and Raya! There’s something for everyone.

Cheesy Golden Egg Coney – This Cheesy, Cheesier, Cheesiest Coney has 2 kinds of cheese sauce; Nacho cheese AND Parmesan cheese, on juicy frankfurters and topped with crispy Salted Egg Crumbs for maximum satisfaction. You can choose to have it in your choice of beef or chicken.

Cendol Gula Melaka Waffles – Your favourite local dessert is now A&W’s new waffle flavour. A&W classic waffle topped with creamy vanilla ice cream, cendol and rich gula Melaka. You can get them on waffles or Waffle-To-Go.

Choco Banana Balls – Banana balls that are fried to perfection. It has a  creamy, rich banana filling and is topped with a generous amount of chocolate syrup.

Riang Ria Family Box sets are perfect for sharing among family, friends, and colleagues. A&W’s classic Golden Aroma Chicken, French fries, Coney Mashed Chicken and freshly draught RBs for the ultimate comfort meal.