An Exciting Experience for All

Walking up a flight of stairs has never been more delightful as Berjaya Times Square unveils the first and only one of its kind facility in a Malaysian Shopping Mall, the Grand Musical Staircase.

In the past years, Berjaya Times Square had been researching for ways to accommodate the growing traffic between Ground Floor and Lower Ground Floor in a musically fun way. And after weeks of working on the concept, the Management was leaning towards a grand structure based on 3 keywords which are synonymous with the Berjaya Times Square brand: ‘Creative, Energetic and Comprehensive’.

An Architectural Marvel

It is also peppered with fibre optic lights and zen like steps which greet you at the Lower Ground Floor as you ascend or descend from the stairs. The staircase is designed to give shoppers the illusion of walking on a sea of stars, making it an exciting experience for all. Behavioural studies have shown that by including the element of ‘fun’, daily mundane situations such as taking the stairs can be revitalised. Reflecting on that idea, the Management hopes to subtly coax our shoppers into a healthier lifestyle by the novelty of the staircase.

Constructed in a little more than 13 weeks at a cost of RM 1.5 million, the Grand Musical Staircase was conceptualized with an architecture marvel in mind.

As the Lower Ground Concourse is used primarily for staged events, the landing area is built to allow an extension for an elevated platform akin to international catwalks and stages. Besides this, the Management has also configured several staging options which will appeal to event organisers and possibly trigger a new demographic of shoppers.

Berjaya Times Square is continuously evolving the retail landscape with new innovations to enhance shopping experiences, and the iconic Grand Musical Staircase is another feather on its hat that will encourage further engagement and interaction with shoppers while providing a whole new level of entertainment.

For more details, please contact the following personnel
Mr. Alex Liew, Manager, Public Relations
Mr. Shahjehan A. Safian, Assistant Manager, Public Relations
Mr. Shaun Patrick Steven, Senior Executive, Public Relations
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